Audit & Assurance

FMC provides the smartest solutions to all your auditing needs. Audit Services are an essential activity in any organization to determine its financial position and analyse its functioning. FMC being one of the leading audit outsourcing firms in India offers systematic and professional audit services to our clients. An audit adds credibility which helps with credit ratings and makes your company more attractive to suppliers and investors who rely, in part, on credit rating agencies’ assessment of the company.  

Internal Audit

• External Audit

• Financial Audit

• Stock Audit

• Operational Audit

• Compliance Audit

• Cost Audit

• Information System Audit

• Payroll Audit

• Pay Audit

Importance of Audits

You must conduct audits regularly to understand different aspects of your business. And, audits can help catch issues early on before they snowball into big mistakes. If you don’t conduct audits, you may find yourself reviewing inaccurate information, which can impact your business later.

Before you kick the idea of audits to the curb, think about how they can benefit your small business. Audits can help you:

Find financial problems

• Catch errors

• Boost your business’s bottom line

• Stay organized

• Make better business decisions