An “Idea-vest Connect” Company by FMC

INVESTA is an idea-vest connect company, serving as a bridge between investors and entrepreneurs, facilitating the realization of innovative ideas. Our main goal is to connect people who have funds with those who have ideas but lack the resources to bring them to fruition. This means that we act as a bridge between investors and entrepreneurs, helping them find each other and work together towards a common goal.

Our primary service is to match investors with start-up or existing companies, providing a platform for both parties to connect and negotiate funding deals. This can include identifying potential investors who have the financial resources to back a start-up as well as seeking out entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas and a solid business plan.

In addition to connecting investors and start-up, FMC provides guidance and support to new investors who may be unfamiliar with the venture capital industry. This can include advising them on investment strategies, evaluating potential risks and rewards, and helping them navigate the complex world of start-up funding.

Finally, as a bridge between venture capitalists and start-up companies, FMC helps to facilitate the relationship between the two parties, ensuring that both are able to benefit from the partnership. This can include providing ongoing support and advice to both parties as well as acting as a mediator in the event of any disputes or issues that may arise during the investment process.

Overall, our company acts as a valuable resource for both investors and entrepreneurs, providing the expertise and support necessary to make successful funding deals and drive growth in the start-up ecosystem.